Digital Equity and College/Career Readiness: Diversifying Students in STEM

2:00 – 2:20 p.m. (ET)

Winner: 2016 Excellence and Innovation in Secondary Schools

This live session will focus on digital equity as a means for ensuring that all students are prepared for postsecondary programs and career paths in STEM. Students and educators from Ohio’s MC2 STEM High School (MC2) will join the conversation from their on-campus FabLab at Cleveland State University. Consistently graduating more than 90 percent of its largely African American student population, MC2 was created through a public-private partnership, which includes Cleveland State University and General Electric, to provide for real-world project-based digital learning experiences for students in STEM fields.


davis-moderatorRafranz Davis (moderator)
Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning
Lufkin Independent School District (TX)
Twitter Handle: @RafranzDavis


Debbie Jackson
Associate Professor
Cleveland State University
Twitter Handle: @CSUCollegeofEd



Feowyn MacKinnon
Head of School
MC2 STEM High School (OH)
Twitter Handle: @MC2STEMHigh



Amanda Smith
Community Programs Coordinator at Nela Park
General Electric Lighting and Current
Twitter Handle: @iheartCLEVE



About MC2 STEM High School

MC2 STEM High School is part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in Ohio and is using exciting and innovative methods to draw traditionally underserved students into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Serving a largely African American student body, MC2 STEM is opening doors for students to explore STEM fields through trans-disciplinary curricula, hands-on projects, and community partnerships. Students are split across three campuses, spending their ninth-grade year at the Great Lakes Science Center, tenth grade at General Electric (GE) Lighting’s Nela Park Campus, and eleventh and twelfth grades at Cleveland State University.

A large emphasis is placed on internships and job shadowing and students are assigned job-site mentors at each campus, allowing them to connect with a STEM professional in an impactful way. Much of the work completed at MC2 STEM is project-based, pushing students to work collaboratively and across subjects. MC2STEM’s instruction is based on a “mastery” system, allowing students to progress to the next topic or subject at their own pace.

For more information on the innovative approaches to STEM education that MC2 STEM is taking, check out the links below.

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Explore the Issue: Digital Equity and College/Career Readiness

For digital equity to matter to students and communities that have been historically underserved by their school systems, the ambition behind it must be driven by more than a desire to get a device into the hands of every child. Ensuring that every student is prepared for success in college, a career, and life is the ultimate goal that digital equity should serve.

However, research shows that too many students are ill-prepared for success in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. A recent report from the National Science Boardshows that although the percentage of historically underrepresented subgroups entering the fields of science and engineering has gone up slightly over the years, these subgroups continue to be disproportionately represented.

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