Digital Equity and Leadership: Creating a Culture of Equity and Innovation

11:00 – 11:20 a.m. (ET)
Viewers are invited to join this live discussion about the vital role of effective leadership in cultivating the type of school culture where can technology can flourish. Emcee Rafranz Davis will be joined remotely by the leadership team at Jennings School District in Missouri, a district whose superintendent was lauded by the Washington Post for figuring out how to “make school work for poor kids.” Using Jennings as an exemplar, this session will highlight a variety of ways that district leaders can create a culture of equity and innovation and the role school leaders need to play for this to occur.

davis-moderatorRafranz Davis (moderator)
Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning
Lufkin Independent School District (TX)
Twitter Handle: @RafranzDavis


Tiffany Anderson
Jennings School District (MO)



Miranda Ming
English Teacher / PLC Data Coordinator
Jennings School District (MO)



Bill Macdonald
Instructional Improvement Specialist
Jennings School District (MO)



About Jennings School District

Superintendent Dr. Tiffany Anderson and the members of her leadership team have been remarkably successful in turning around their predominantly low-income, African-American district outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Since taking over as superintendent of Jennings School District three and a half years ago, Dr. Anderson and her team have opened a shelter for homeless and foster care youth, and have provided a wide range of programs for students and families to alleviate the barriers associated with poverty.
Families now have access to wrap-around services such as a food bank, pediatricians, mental health counselors, and even laundry facilities. Music, dance, and drama classes that are too often cut from high-poverty schools were restored, along with the addition of new academic programs. These services and programs have been a critical part of the district’s strategy to improve the culture and climate of its schools. By meeting the basic needs of its students and families, the Jennings leadership team is helping to create school environments where digital and blended learning can be most effective.

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Explore the Issue: Digital Equity and Leadership

The significance of a school’s cultural context in the process of achieving and sustaining a digital transformation cannot be overstated. Particularly in chronically low-performing schools, culture can either sabotage or accelerate efforts to achieve digital equity. In many cases, the effective use of technology requires a “culture shift” to support new teaching and learning dynamics. It also requires an appreciation of the diverse needs of the communities that schools serve.

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