Celebrating 10 years of Digital Learning

Ten years ago, the policy landscape for digital learning was uncertain. Believe it or not, school leaders and the public did not realize the potential that the effective use of technology can have to close inequities and personalize instructional opportunities for students. Instead, teachers felt uncertain about their roles in a digital transformation. In many schools and districts, using technology in the classroom became an all-out event. Forward-leaning teachers had to make reservations, use specialized equipment, get in-depth training, and raise their own grant funds with advanced permission from principals to purchase new software programs.

Today digital learning no longer is confined to a school or classroom. Instead, learning is mobile and should be available to students anytime and anywhere. Digital learning has become a lifeline as districts leverage high-quality research-based strategies to teach students remotely and in hybrid environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a look back the ten years of growth and excellence around digital learning in schools and districts around the country.




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