Iowa: Digital Tools Help Middle School Students Master Math Concepts

Sheldon Community School District

At Sheldon Middle School, seventh and eighth grade math students no longer use laptops in the classroom and return them to a cart when they’re done. Now that the district has implemented a 1:1 program, all students have touch-screen Chromebooks they use both at school and at home.

In class, students take notes directly onto the screens of their laptops with a pencil or stylus while their teacher introduces math concepts on a Smart Board. Her goal is for her students to create their own digital notebooks full of worksheets and homework assignments that she distributes through Google Classroom. One benefit of a digital worksheet is that a student can open a new, blank copy when he or she needs some extra practice.

Students who miss a day of school or want a refresher on, say, how to measure circumference can also use their laptops to refer to a library of almost 100 short YouTube videos their teacher has created (one for each math skill). So far, the 1:1 program has been a success, helping the students stay organized. And thanks to these digital tools, no one loses their homework.

Source: EducationSuperHighway, N’West Iowa Review