Maine: Using Virtual 3D to Master Math Concepts

East Grand School District

Want to see some of the latest and greatest digital learning happening in Maine classrooms? Head up to the rural town of Danforth. Not far from the Canadian border, the students at this small PreK-12 school start engaging with technology in the lowest grades.

At East Grand, kindergartners use tablets to take photos of their work and share them online with the Seesaw app. Middle schoolers know their way around Canva, Padlet, Google Forms, and Flipgrid, an app where teachers ask questions and students respond with videos. Middle and high school students are learning math and science in the school’s Virtual Reality lab, using Google Earth VR and other apps. Thanks to the school’s partnership with the University of Maine, students have access to HandWaver, a “gesture-based virtual mathematical environment” where they can make, measure, and modify objects in virtual 3D. Which they can then print on one of the 3D printers. Students say this hands-on approach helps them grasp concepts more quickly than regular lectures.

East Grand students are so engaged with their educational technology, they’ve served as ambassadors and instructors during a “Digital Learning Lab,” introducing and explaining their digital learning tools to teachers from other parts of the state. And starting in January, girls in grades 6-12 will have the option to join a new Girls Who Code club.

Source: The County, UMaine Today