Ohio: Engaging Digital Strategies Help Students Learn Chemistry, Physics

Crestview High School

Located in a rural community halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, Crestview Public Schools serve about 1200 students in grades K-12. At Crestview High School, a 1:1 school where students use cloud computing on their laptops to write their reports, physics students use their smartphones to record each other doing vertical jumps, then analyze the footage in slow-motion on their computers as they learn about gravity, acceleration, and deceleration.

In an advanced chemistry class, students analyze the amount of iron in breakfast cereal with an elaborate process that involves a spectrometer. And in the Aeronautics STEAM class, students build and “fly” small gliders to learn about speed, distance, and acceleration before turning their gliders into remote-controlled airplanes. (They use an RC flight simulator to see how their planes will fly, so they don’t risk destroying the things they worked so hard to make.) One advanced senior is building a drone, learning how to program it, and using CAD software to document his project for his college applications.

Students enjoy the STEAM class because it gives them new ways to learn and express themselves. They go to the lab to work on their projects before and after school, and one student even commented, “I wish we could do this on weekends.”

Source: EducationSuperHighway