Washington: STEM Learning in Every Classroom

Meeker Middle School (Tacoma)

Meeker Middle School doesn’t just have a STEM program; it’s integrating STEM learning into every class in every grade (6-8). The school’s goals are to make students comfortable with technology; to foster innovation, collaboration, and creative problem solving; and to prepare students for the evolving needs of the 21st century workforce.

In social studies class, students use tablets to learn about the Revolutionary War. In music class, they’re learning about the length and frequency of sound waves, in addition to how to hit the notes. Art classes have gone high-tech too, as students use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create their projects. Thanks to a principal who’s willing to get new tools for students, the film and journalism classes now have access to a few drones. Digital learning is so popular at Meeker that there’s even an after-school STEM club, where students design fun things like rings or puzzles (often with the Seattle Seahawks logo) and then see their projects come to life using 3D printers.

Source: Tacoma Public Schools