Wisconsin: Exceeding Expectations in Random Lake

Random Lake School District

Before the Random Lake School District upgraded its Internet infrastructure, “anytime it rained, anytime it snowed, anytime it was windy, our Internet went kablooey,” says technology coordinator Lee Itson. Now that the district has upgraded its WiFi platform and future-proofed its network, it is making the most of digital learning opportunities.

The K-12 district serves 740 students, all in the same building, with a full 1:1 program, so digital learning happens at all grade levels. Elementary schoolers learn about penguins on virtual field trips to big Midwestern aquariums. High schoolers connect with National Park Service firefighters during their wilderness science class. Students design travel brochures while learning about ancient Greece, watch daily school newscasts their peers make in a video production class, and learn valuable software skills in the school’s business education lab. Robotics clubs are popular, as is the new esports team.

“We’ve tried our hardest to leverage our digital learning to be able to keep giving advantages to our students,” says Itson. The district’s efforts are paying off. Students are more engaged than ever, snow days have been replaced with virtual learning days, and assessment takes much less time. And for the first time in its history, all three Random Lake schools recently received a school report card grade of “Exceeds Expectations.”

Source: EducationSuperHighway