Alabama: 1:1 Program Brings Digital Learning to Rural Alabama Schools

Piedmont City School District

Despite its small size, rural location, and local economic challenges, the town of Piedmont, Alabama has invested in digital learning and is seeing such positive results that it’s getting national attention. In an op-ed piece on Medium, President Obama called Piedmont schools a “national model for digital learning,” and ​U.S. News & World Report​ ranked Piedmont High School as “#2 most connected.”

All Piedmont students, from grades K-12, are in a 1:1 program. In the elementary school the younger students use iPad apps to learn math concepts, while the older ones learn coding and produce the school’s digital newsletter on their MacBooks. Teachers can tailor digital lessons to individual student needs, assess students’ progress quickly, and provide extra help to students struggling with the material.

Students at Piedmont High School, which uses online learning and a blended learning approach, take at least one online elective course, and those in grades 10-12 are can use their first and last periods to do digital coursework from home – using the city’s wireless network.

The results? Students are strengthening their time management and problem-solving skills; 40% are taking Advanced Placement classes; the school boasts a 99% graduation rate; and most graduates who apply to colleges are accepted.

Source: Apple Distinguished Schools