Idaho: Digital Learning Drives Demand for Summer School

Wilder School District

The rural, 500-student Wilder School District in Idaho has embraced digital learning by giving students robust Internet access everywhere on school property. The district’s two schools share the same campus and Wilder has covered both schools and every space in between with wireless access points.

Students can—and do—work anywhere on campus, from hallways to courtyards to cafeterias. “Wherever a student could be learning, that’s where we have access points,” says Superintendent Jeff Dillon. “Every one of those points allows students to stream HD-quality video wherever they are. I’ve never heard of a student that’s just waiting around. They have instant connectivity to online textbooks and content.”

Wilder has implemented a type of personalized learning that allows even its elementary school students the power to decide when to study which subject. Students are so engaged in their learning, Dillon says, that more than 40% of them choose to attend summer school to continue their education. While high school students already have the option of spending a week or more on just one subject if they choose, now Wilder allows students to go back to previous year’s classes to do additional work to improve their grades (and their transcripts) before applying to colleges.

Source: EducationSuperHighway