Kansas: Designing Web Pages, Broadcasting Videos, and Developing 21st Century Skills

Perry-Lecompton Unified School District 343

Student-created apps, virtual field trips, web design classes, digital guest instructors, paperless classrooms, and video production are just a few ways students in Perry-Lecompton public schools are taking advantage of digital learning opportunities.

High school students make and edit videos for their YouTube channel, using a green screen and iMovie. They have interviewed their teachers, broadcasted football games and other events, and created anti-bullying videos to show to students in the middle school. Students also design and create their own web pages and link to them from the school’s website. They take great pride and ownership in their work and are learning important ways to solve problems and communicate. Middle school students use Google Hangouts to interact with students their age all over the world, and when the choir was working on a specific piece, the choir director used FaceTime to bring in a “guest director” – the composer of the piece the students were singing.

“I use technology in pretty much every single one of my classes. Most of my work is done on my iPad and it’s all in one place,” says one student. “Technology’s really helped me learn in a different way,” says another. “I don’t have to go to the bookstore or library to access information. I can learn a lot and not take much time to learn.”

Source: EducationSuperHighway