Rhode Island: Personalized Learning in PreK-5

Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School

Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School in Foster, Rhode Island, is a Title I school that serves approximately 235 students in grades PreK-5. Several years ago, the school was awarded a Lighthouse Grant and implemented a 1:1 program for grades 3-5, where students use laptops in the classroom for a few hours a day. Students have access to a wealth of digital learning tools, including apps used in math, science coding, and English language arts classes, as well as apps for benchmarking.

So far, the students are enjoying the 1:1 program and “would love to be on their laptops all day, if we let them,” says principal Marcella Clark. She acknowledges that both teachers and students are lucky to have all these digital learning tools at their disposal, but she is focused on making sure each app or tool is the best choice for student learning – and in line with the district’s new rigorous curricula and focus on personalized learning.

Source: EducationSuperHighway