South Carolina: Video Game Design and Virtual Field Trips

Belton-Honea Path High School

Located in a small town in the northwest corner of South Carolina, Belton-Honea Path High School is in its fourth year of a 1:1 program and has embraced digital learning in many forms. All students have laptops for doing research, completing and submitting homework assignments, creating presentations, and more, while interactive Promethean boards in every classroom enable and encourage student collaboration. Tablets are also available for students who want to record video, which they can then edit in the school’s Mac lab.

Students learn to code in computer science classes and have the option to take a business class where in addition to learning the basics of game design, they also create their own video games. Virtual reality field trips add depth to history lessons (e.g., a VR tour of Ford’s Theatre while learning about the Civil War). And in a manufacturing workshop, students learn how to program machines to design and build 3D objects like laser-etched baseball bats.

For students struggling academically, online Edgenuity classes can help them catch up to their peers, so they don’t have to repeat a grade. And for students at risk of not graduating, the school’s “success academy” allows students to complete all their classes online, at their own pace, with teacher supervision.

Source: EducationSuperHighway