Texas: An Interactive Rhino and a Robot for an Injured Student

Llano Independent School District

High-speed internet has created many opportunities for digital learning in Llano, TX classrooms. Most students now use Chromebooks to access online textbooks, download supplemental learning tools, and take mini quizzes that help teachers quickly identify students who need additional support. Some high school students also take online classes for college credit.

Science instruction has been especially transformed by digital learning. For one technology expo, students used online tools to create and edit a documentary about endangered rhinos. They projected the video on a wall behind a large interactive 3-D rhino they made out of paper, glue, and conductive buttons that, when pressed, made rhino noises. Another science class used an augmented reality platform to create topographical maps to measure lava and water flows in real life.

Digital learning also happens outside the classroom. At one high school, when an injured senior had to miss almost two months of school, the technology director procured a telepresence robot that allowed this student to participate in classes in real time. Her classmates drove it from class to class and parked it in front of the whiteboard, so the student at home could see, hear, and interact with her teacher and classmates. She completed all her classes and graduated on time.

Source: EducationSuperHighway