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Note: Facebook temporarily has disabled the creation of new frames. If you do not see our frame in the search please use the image in the downloadable graphics package to add your DLDay membership frame to your profile manually.

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I just joined the Future Ready Schools® Digital Learning Day network. Together, with colleagues from across the country, we celebrate highquality learning everywhere, every day! The network is committed to creating innovative, personalized, student-centered learning environments through the effective use of digital tools.

Join the network to SHARE, GROW, and LEARN with me and educators from across the country!

#FutureReady #DLDay #DLDay2021

Use your social media channels to build, share, grow, and learn. We know digital Learning happens every day, everywhere so let’s celebrate. Take a picture and share what you do inside your classrooms and online. Tag @OfficialDLDay and @FutureReady so we can celebrate with you. #FutureReady #DLDay #DLDay2021

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